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December 14, 2004 Warpstock 2004 Poll ends in one day
There is only one day left in which to participate in the Warpstock 2004 Poll more...

November 22, 2004 Warpstock 2004 Poll announcement
To everyone interested in OS/2 and eComStation,

The Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. would appreciate feedback on how you feel we have done putting on Warpstock in North America. We want to hear from you whether or not you attended Warpstock 2004 or previous Warpstock events. Warpstock 2004 Poll more...

November 17, 2004 Warpstock 2005 Call for Bids
Warpstock 2004 is now history. NOW is the time to look into the future toward Warpstock 2005.

The Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. is now accepting bids from groups wishing to host Warpstock 2005. The challenge for the Warpstock Board is to be able to announce the location of Warpstock 2005 in the not too distant future. more...

November 15, 2004 "Warpstock in the Rockies" report in the VOICE Newsletter
Read about some of the happenings from Warpstock 2004 in this month's VOICE Newsletter. http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL1104H/vnewsf5.htm

November 12, 2004 More on WARPSTOCK Europe 2004 in The Netherlands
The final count down for WSE2004 has started. Here are some important notes for those who are intending to visit the European OS/2 event in the Netherlands on november 26-28th at the city of Arnhem: more...

November 1, 2004 Warpstock wear for sale
Warpstock 2004 is over, but you can still buy a Warpstock shirt and wear it with pride. We have limited quantities of yellow, red and white shirts available at our Warpstock Store ( http://www.bamart.com/warpstockinc). more...

October 31, 2004 More Warpstock 2004 pictures
Just to let folks know I have uploaded the rest of the Warpstock 2004 photos at the warpstock.org website. http://www.warpstock.org/2004/pictures/pictures10212004.html more...

October 29, 2004 Warpstock 2004 pictures and presentations
Warpstock 2004 photos are at http://www.warpstock.org/2004/pictures/pictures10212004.html

Some presentations have been uploaded to the Warpstock Public forum on Yahoo - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Warpstock-public/files/WS2004/ more...

October 17, 2004 WARPSTOCK Europe 2004 in The Netherlands
What you should know about Warpstock Europe 2004 in The Netherlands.

  • 1. The event starts within 40 days from now!
  • 2. The session schedule is online right now, only some minor changes could happen!

September 29, 2004 Warpstock Newsletter 8
In this issue:


September 27, 2004 Warpstock prizes for the give away session
Just to let people know we have some great prizes available for the give away session we always hold at the end of Warpstock. more...

September 25, 2004 Less than one week left for Hotel and Warpstock pricing
Just a reminder that both the hotel room price guarantee and the Warpstock Early registration pricing will expire in 6 days on September 30th. more...

September 21, 2004 Warpstock Newsletter 7
Warpstock now accepts Discover - Get Cashback when you register! more...

September 10, 2004 Warpstock 2004 EARLY BIRD pricing extended
Warpstock organizers have decided to extend the discounts for early pricing on registrations to September 30. more...

September 04, 2004 Prices for ads in Warpstock 2004 event guide
Warpstock 2004 will be held in Denver, Colorado, October 21-24. The event is shaping up to be one fo the best ever, with a rich array of classes, workshops, seminars and presentations for anyone interested in OS/2-eCS. more...

August 30, 2004 Warpstock volunteers
Warpstock can use volunteers for the registration desk, selling shirts, etc. more...

August 29, 2004 Misunderstanding About Hotel Upgrades for Warpstock 2004
Warpstock 2004 organzers have just recently learned that there was a misunderstanding about the price for upgrading to a room on the 9th or 10th floors at the Sheraton Denver Tech Center Hotel. more...

August 29, 2004 Warpstock Newsletter 6
In this issue:

  • Hotel Upgrade Price
  • Warpstock Group Rates End Soon
  • Internet Access at Warpstock

August 12, 2004 Warpstock Newsletter 5
In this issue:

  • Final reminder for EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION
  • More classes and presentations confirmed
  • Getting to Denver/Accommodations

August 8, 2004 Warpstock Newsletter 4
In this issue:

  • Early Bird Pricing ends soon
  • More classes and presentations confirmed
  • Getting to Denver/Accommodations

August 6, 2004 Warpstock Early Registration Ending
This is a reminder that the early registration pricing for Warpstock 2004 ends August 15th. We have put together some really great value this year more...

July 29, 2004 Warpstock Newsletter 3
In this issue:

  • Presentations and classes confirmed
  • Early bird registration closing soon
  • Getting to Denver/Accommodations
  • Sponsorships

July 28, 2004 OpenOffice.org Explored at Warpstock 2004
Organizers of Warpstock 2004 are excited to announce that a co-author of the OpenOffice.org 1.1 Resource Kit will give a major presentation on key features of this powerful open source suite of office applications. Drawing on her extensive knowledge, Solveig Haugland will give a 90-minute presentation on OpenOffice.org at Warpstock 2004. more...

July 12, 2004 Warpstock File Library archive
In case anyone is looking for past Warpstock presentation files, our web master is working on getting more of these available. He is revamping that part of the site, more...

July 09, 2004 Warpstock 2004 Early Bird discounts
This is a reminder that the early registration pricing for Warpstock 2004 ends August 15th. We have put together some really great value this year, and made pricing as flexible as possible more...

June 18, 2004 Warpstock Newsletter 2
In this issue:

  • How to register
  • About the sessions
  • Sponsorships
  • Warpstock 2004 accommodations
  • Getting to Denver

June 02, 2004 WARPSTOCK Europe 2004 Announced!
Warpstock Europe 2004 has been announced. Get details at thier site! http://www.warpstock.net/

May 16, 2004 Warpstock Newsletter 1
In this issue:


May 12, 2004 Help us tell people about WARPSTOCK 2004
You probably know, by now, that the next Warpstock event -- an all-volunteer conference of OS/2 and eCS users -- is being held this year in Denver, Colorado. Whether or not you can attend this year's event, we'd like your help in spreading the word. One easy way for you to do so is to put a link to the Warpstock site on your home page. more...

May 11, 2004 Warpstock 2004 Call for papers and presentations
Warpstock 2004, the eighth edition of the annual Warpstock event, will be held in Denver, Colorado, October 21st thru 24th, 2004. The Warpstock conference is a gathering of OS/2 users, developers, and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. more...

May 11, 2004 Warpstock eNewsletter announcement
To help keep you informed of the progress of the upcoming Warpstock 2004 event we have started a subscription based eNewsletter. The plan is to send out an issue twice a month on the 1st and 15th up until the show takes place in October. The Warpstock eNewsletter will have the latest information about the event including the latest scheduled presentations and classes, more...

April 23, 2004 Warpstock 2004 Registration open
Registration now open : This year's Warpstock Event will span four days of expanded classes and traditional sessions. You have the option to register for a daily attendance price or all four days at a significant savings. We have created for the first time, a bundled price including all four days of the event along with both socials. more...

March 26, 2004 Warpstock 2004 - The Mile High event
General announcement : This is the announcement you have been waiting for. Get out your calendar and mark it so you can make plans to attend this educational/2 event. The Warpstock Board of Directors is very excited to announce that Warpstock 2004, the eighth edition of the annual Warpstock event, will be held in Denver, Colorado, October 21st thru 24th, 2004. more...

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