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Warpstock, Inc. intends to give you total control over your personal information. Anyone may visit the Warpstock web pages without revealing any information about yourself.

At times, it may be necessary to ask for certain information when you request some services, such as pre-registering for a Warpstock event, or purchasing Warpstock merchandise. When Warpstock, Inc., requests such information, it will be our intent to make you fully aware of what this information will be used for.

Any information gathered for these purposes will be held strictly confidential and will be available to offical Warpstock representatives only.

We may, sometimes ask if you wish to have some information forwarded to interested vendors and service suppliers. This will be done only with your explicit approval.

We do, from time to time, keep track of domain names and other freely available information that can be gathered from the browser used to access the site. This information is used to better understand the visitors to our site so we may make improvements that will result in a better experience from the visit.

The Warpstock web site contains links to other web sites. We can not be responsible for the privacy of content of these other sites.

The Warpstock web pages may, at some point, use browser "cookies". These cookies will only be used to ease the use of our site. It is our policy that no part of the site will become unavailable if a user chooses to disable the accepting of cookies in their browser set up.

There may be additional technologies that Warpstock employs in the future in an effort to make our web site access better and more productive. Where these technologies are used, the visitor's privacy will receive our highest concern.

This policy may be modified and amended as necessary.

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy practices, you can contact us at privacy@warpstock.org.

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