Warpstock 2006 - Windsor, Ontario, Canada, October 12 - 15 2006

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Where will the next Warpstock event take place?

Warpstock 2005 - the ninth edition of the event - will take place in Hersey, Pennsylvania, USA on October 6th - 9th 2005 at the Wyndham Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel.

Who runs Warpstock?

Warpstock is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to OS/2. The Warpstock Inc. Board of Directors accepts bids from potential host cities in a competitive process.

Is Warpstock an IBM event?

No. The annual event team is dominated by non-IBM professionals.

Is Warpstock a family event?

Yes, and we welcome children under age 18 when accompanied by a registered parent or other responsible adult. However, Warpstock seminars and events primarily cater to the information needs of OS/2 Warp users.

What should I wear to Warpstock?

We recommend "business casual" attire for all Warpstock events. While jeans and a t-shirt will work, you might feel more comfortable at some events wearing clothing a bit more formal. Leave your suits and ties at home, though.

What should I do if I have special needs?

We plan to hold all Warpstock events in accessible buildings. However, we encourage anyone with special needs to contact the Warpstock staff in advance.

Is it OK to bring a camera? A tape recorder?

Absolutely ... for your own personal use. As long as your recording device does not disrupt other guests, you can take all the pictures and recordings you want at all Warpstock events, unless informed otherwise.

Is Warpstock for business users of OS/2 Warp?

Warpstock is for any user of OS/2 and eComStation. The variety of seminars and events is designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. We certainly welcome business users.
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