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Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education (V.O.I.C.E.)

VOICE, founded in 1997 by an independent group of OS/2 users, is a promotional organization not tied to IBM or any other particular company. Its purpose is to act as a marketing resource to grow the OS/2 marketplace by improving communication between IBM, consumers, ISV's and consultants, as well as representing the OS/2 community to the public and to IBM.

VOICE is an organization dedicated to the promotion of OS/2 Warp to the general consumer through various activities as providing current and factual information about OS/2 Warp and OS/2 related products, conducting IRC meetings twice a month, and sponsoring OS/2 promotion related projects among providing many other services.

Whether you are a long time user of OS/2, a newcomer, or are simply curious about Warp, we think you will find the resources on this site invaluable to learning about and using this premier 32 bit operating system by IBM!

While at this site, you can learn more about VOICE, what's new with VOICE, our goals, and learn how to become a member. You can find out when our meetings are held and if you miss a meeting, read a summary/transcript. Then, make sure your VOICE is heard! See what's going on and what others are saying by reading our newsletters or by joining the VOICE mailing lists.

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