Warpstock 2005 - Hershey, Pennsylvania, October 6 - 9 2005

Warpstock 2005
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OS/2 Museum at Warpstock needs your help

We are planning a vintage OS/2 museum for this year's Warpstock event in Hershey, PA (October 6-9). I'm still trying to round up the hardware to run most of what we will have, but so far it looks like we will have most of the OS/2 1.x versions, 2.x versions and probably some of the Warp versions as well. We will also have vintage applications as well, such as Microsoft Word for OS/2 (yes there actually was both a 16 bit text version and a PM version of Word), Excel for OS/2, WordPerfect for OS/2, games and lots of other things you may have never even seen. We also are working on having a genuine IBM PowerPC running OS/2PPC, which would give people a chance to see this rarest of IBM releases actually running.

If you have something that you can bring along that you think might be of interest, please let us know. We will try to have a couple machines available for playing with. Since we already have a sizable collection of software, you might want to check that we don't already have it first. We could use some help with hardware though, so if you have any vintage AT or PS/2 machines and you can bring it (assuming you are driving), please let us know. We are trying to avoid having to pay to ship these well built but extremely heavy machines. If you are looking to donate your equipment to a good home, we are in the process of looking for a place to house the collection after the event.

We will need a few volunteers to watch the exhibit area, mainly just to provide security, but if they are knowledgeable about the vintage versions of software and hardware that would be helpful, but not required. Anyone that can help with that, and also setting up the equipment please contact me at os2museum2005@warpstock.org As at all Warpstock events, access to the exhibit area is free to all.

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