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VOICE, Warpstock and OS/2 in article on ComputerWorld.com

Its always interesting to see how one's comments can be edited. It was also surprising to see myself as the only one quoted in the article, despite my having given the author links and addresses to other sources. He left out any mention of updated versions of OS/2 and anu mention of eComStation, but did mention VOICE and this year's Warpstock, as well as Warpstock Europe and Warpstock Czech Republic, but no links to the last three, and no mention of active OS/2 user groups like SCOUG or Bay Warp. And I've no idea where he got the information that Warpstock was derived from a character in Star Trek.

Take a look if you like, and let the author know what you think (though please be nice if you do), but its nice to see at least mention of these resources in a mainstream computer magazine (even if its only online):

"OS/2 loyalists remain as the operating system fades away"
Opinion by Mark Willoughby
JUNE 06, 2005

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