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Warpstock 2005
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Stalker Software is the technology leader in messaging and collaboration solutions.

Focused on global telecommunications, ISP/ASP, enterprise and education markets, the company has more than ten years of experience in designing and developing networking and communication software and products.

Stalker Software's flagship product CommuniGate Pro supports more than 30 operating system/hardware combinations and provides the most advanced, robust unified messaging solution, optimized to provide email, collaboration, wireless and voice messaging all on a single message store. It also delivers high performance integrated messaging of many types of content on a centralized platform, efficiently and reliably, as a result of its open standards-based architecture.

CommuniGate Pro Features Overview:

To read our most recent awards and 5 star reviews please go to http://www.stalker.com


Try out a fully functional, fully supported evaluation version of CommuniGate Pro. Simply download and install from http://www.stalker.com/download.html.

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