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VOICE - Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education

VOICE is dedicated to the promotion of OS/2 Warp and eComStation to the general consumer through various activities as providing current and factual information about OS/2 and eCS related products, conducting IRC meetings, and sponsoring OS/2 and eCS related promotion projects among providing many other services.

POSSI - Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc.

The Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc (POSSI) is an international computer user group dedicated to users of OS/2 and OS/2 Warp. The Society was founded in 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and now has members around the world. Anyone interested in OS/2 and related applications and topics is welcome to join. The Society's primary purpose is education. Members receive a subscription to the award-winning extended attributes magazine, information-packed meetings, access to members-only email lists, and a variety of other services.

Data Representation

At Data Representations they provide specialized products and custom solutions for your Java Technology needs. So relax... with Data Representations, life as a programmer just got a little easier.

Zeryx Software

Zeryx has been in business for 5 years providing network, and software solution for small businesses, and for the last 3 years we started creating Software and tools for the OS2 community at large. We just released ZxMail Server the email server for OS2, it is a Full multi domain POP3 and SMTP server, it also acts as a client to fetch mail from external POP3 accounts to redistribute to a domain or specific users. It gives the greatest flexibility for Soho s ZxMail was previously distributed to private clients, ZxMail was designed has a Native OS2 Server to create the best POP3 and SMTP server running on OS2.

Lone Peak Automation

Lone Peak Automation specializes in hardware and software design of process and control automation in a wide range of industrial sectors. Lone Peak Automation has over 15 years experience with system integration, embedded system design, programmable logic controllers (PLC), instrumentation and custom supervisory software design. Reliability and ease of use are key characteristics of Lone Peak Automation's designs. Our products deal with real world interfacing of devices to computers, such as dealing with home lighting and appliance automation using X10 devices, and monitoring software for uninterruptible power sources (UPS).

Starfire Technologies, Inc.

Starfire's premier partnerships with IBM and Lotus allows them to offer the "best of breed" products to tackle your most challenging business problems. Their cross-platform expertise covers the OS/2, Windows, AIX, and Linux operating systems. Starfire also provides the foundation for complex architecture, deployment, and development solutions. Starfire is recognized by IBM as one of the leading business partners in providing Server-Managed Client solutions with IBM's Network Computing software family, specifically Workspace On-Demand.

Computer Data Strategies, Inc.

Computer Data Strategies, Inc. is a software development and consulting organization focused on providing data management software and services to the computer industry. Best known for the BackAgain backup software CDS now also distributes PMFax.

Golden Code Development Corp.

As a consulting firm and independent software developer, Golden Code Development Corporation helps its clients design, build, and manage mission critical, networked computing environments. The company specializes in technologies and techniques which enable the creation of highly scalable systems with exceptionally low cost of ownership. Golden Code's core competencies include OS/2, Java, and Server-Managed Client solutions, such as IBM's WorkSpace On-Demand. Its expertise in these areas, combined with a disciplined design and implementation methodology, make Golden Code an ideal technology partner for the enterprise customer.

JBS Jacaranda Business Systems, Inc.

JBS Jacaranda Business Systems, Inc. distributes products through a network of Value-Added Resellers, Consultants, Independent Software Vendors, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. We work closely with partners in developing sales and marketing opportunities, as well as assisting with the planning of client demonstrations, training, and customer technical support agreements. We are the distributors of eComStation for Canada and a number of other countries.

OS/2 NetLabs

OS/2 Netlabs was founded in 1997 with the goal of creating a center for free OpenSource Software for OS/2. Today OS/2 Netlabs is one of the largest developers of OS/2 software outside of IBM itself. With its many ground-breaking projects, OS/2 Netlabs has won a name for itself in the great OS/2 Community.

Finnegan Software, Inc.

Finnegan Software, Inc., Specialists in Home Office Automation and Small Business Networking. Finnegan Software specializes in providing fully installed computer systems, hardware components, and customer support for eComStation and ManagedClient solutions within North America.

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