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Site Updates

Site Updates 2002

  • Official Warpstock 2002 logo punblished.
  • Speaker Form for the 2002 event published.

Site Updates 2001

  • Various updates of presenter and exhibitor information. More detailed hotel information. Some clarifications about free admissions to the exhibit area.
  • 06/26/01
    Registration page for Warpstock 2001 online.
  • 04/29/01
    Information on Social Event posted.
  • 04/15/01
    Air travel and car rental information posted.
  • 04/02/01
    Presenter Information updated.
  • 04/01/01
    Online Volunteer Form for the 2001 event added.
    Volunteers Job Descriptions for the 2001 event added.
  • 03/01/01
    Official Warpstock 2001 logo added to the site.
  • 02/24/01
    Hotel information, room rates, reservation info, etc. posted.

Site Updates 2000

  • 12/18/00
    Some corrections were made to the Warpstock 2001 Bid Proposal Form.
  • 10/08/00
    Corporate bylaws published on the web site.
  • 09/11/00
    Pictures from the event posted on the web site.
  • 08/19/00
    Made Warpstock 2000 Flyer available for download from the web site.
  • 08/18/00
    Added link to Presentation Schedule survey at OS2.org.
  • 08/05/00
    Presentation schedule (tentative) posted.
  • 08/02/00
    Detailed job descriptions added to the volunteer pages.
  • 08/01/00
    Early registration extended to August 31, 2000. Registration page and mail-in forms modified to reflect the change.
  • 07/12/00
    Warpstock now has a mirror site at http://www.ibmforum.com/warpstock. Thanks goes out to Larry Finkelstein from CSP Corp..
  • 06/28/00
    Advertising section added. Interesting parties can now buy advertisement space on the home page.
  • 06/03/00
    First speakers and presentation confirmations posted.
  • 04/30/00
    Detailed report on the Warpstock 2000 Hotel posted in the Location section.
  • 03/29/00
    Online registration with Mensys opens.
    Sponsorship levels published.
  • 03/15/00
    Presentation templates available for speakers.
  • 03/04/00
    Mail-in Registration Forms available.
  • 03/02/00
    Official Warpstock 2000 Logo available.
  • 02/22/00
    Hotel info, room rates and more event site updates.
  • 01/31/00
    Public poll for the Warpstock 2000 location closed and final results posted.
  • 11/10/99
    The Warpstock 2000 Bid Proposal Form was posted to the web site.
  • 11/09/99
    A completely new layout for the web site to host the Warpstock 2000 pages.

Site Updates 1999

  • 10/11/99
    Some other - not so minor - modifications to the Presentation Schedule were made.
  • 10/10/99
    Schedule of Events was modified based on the feedback from our Presentations Survey.
  • 10/08/99
    More information about Magic Moments, the Saturday social event posted.
    Exhibitor Information Packet was published.
  • 10/01/99
    Warpstock Nominations announcement added to the site.
  • 09/29/99
    More Exhibitor Support information was added.
  • 09/27/99
    Friday 15th schedule was added.
  • 09/25/99
    Warpstock 99 shirts can now be pre-ordered from the web site.
    A Birds of a Feather sessions sign up page was added to the site.
  • 09/15/99
    More additions to the list of vendors and exhibitors.
    Many updates to the Schedule of Events. Check back often for the latest status.
  • 09/15/99
    One day door passes will be available at $50.
    Vendor booth layout published.
    New presentations added to both Saturday and Sunday schedules.
  • 09/06/99
    More sessions were added to the list of presentations.
    More vendors were added to the list of Warpstock exhibitors.
  • 09/06/99
    Discount period was extended to the first day of Warpstock.
  • 09/04/99
    Some new presentations were added to the schedule, including Warped Jeopardy, hosted by Sundial Systems.
  • 08/31/99
    Several additions to the Vendors page.
    Several additions to the Supporters page.
  • 08/03/99
    Exhibitors will receive a presentation opportunity during the event.
  • 08/03/99
    Mail-in registrations are being accepted.
  • 08/03/99
    An Other OS/2 Events page was added to the site.
  • 07/31/99
    The Early-bird Discount has been extended to August 15, 1999.
  • 07/29/99
    The hotel registration code has been posted, the Sheraton Gateway is now officially taking reservations.
  • 07/27/99
    The press release on the official hotel and airline for Warpstock 99 was published on the web site.
  • 07/25/99
    Details on how to obtain discounts with Delta Airlines, the Official Warpstock 99 Airline are posted.
  • 07/21/99
    Refund policy added to the registration page.
  • 06/27/99
    A page with vendors attending the event was added.
  • 06/24/99
    Warpstock 99 volunteer page was added.
  • 06/17/99
    Online Registration for the Warpstock 99 event, through BMT's secure server.
  • 06/14/99
    A Call for papers was added to the site.
  • 06/14/99
    An Exhibitor Information page was added with more registration details for exhibitors.
  • 06/12/99
    The official Warpstock room rates were published.
  • 06/07/99
    An Event Teams page was added to the site.
  • 05/25/99
    Web site privacy policy was added to the site.
  • 05/21/99
    A Warpstock 99 supporters page was added.
  • 05/21/99
    The official Warpstock 99 logo and banner were published on the home page.
  • 04/15/99
    A Warpstock FAQ section was added to the web site.
  • 04/11/99
    A floor plan of the exhibition space was added to the Location Info section.
  • 04/08/99
    An early report on the event location was added to the site.
  • 04/01/99
    The original Warpstock 99 General Press Release was posted in the press release section.
  • 03/17/99
    Links to the GICC and the official Warpstock 99 Hotel were added in the Location Info section.

Site Updates 1998

  • 10/12/98
    The Schedule of Events for Warpstock 98 has been updated once again.
  • 10/08/98
    The Schedule of Events for Warpstock 98 has been updated.
    Aquila Systems added to the list of vendors attending.
  • 10/06/98
    The Schedule of Events for Warpstock 98 is now online.
    Golden Code Development added to the list of vendors attending.
    FAQ updated to link to the Unofficial Warpstock Food Guide.
  • 09/09/98
    New press have been posted in the press sections.
    New Vendors have been added to the Vendors Attending page.
  • 08/27/98
    The Events section now contains information about the vendors, software demonstrations, and presentations that will be available at Warpstock. A schedule of event times and locations will follow shortly.
  • 08/22/98
    New Logos and Warpstock Status
    A message for all OS/2 Supporters everywhere.
    More web sites added to the Supporters list.
    A new form for anyone planning to demo software at Warpstock 98.
  • 08/16/98
    New Warpstock Logos!
    Warpstock Committee announces final pricing for Warpstock 98
    More web sites added to the Supporters list.
  • 07/23/98
    www.warpstock.org has Links2Go Key Resource award in the OS/2 topic!
  • 07/01/98
    The vendor list has been updated to include Stardock Systems to attend Warpstock 98
    The Vendors page has been updated to include The OS/2 Supersite BMT Micro, Inc. and Stardock Systems.
    BMT and Falcon Networking to attend Warpstock 98.
  • 06/16/98
    Smack! to be available at Warpstock.
    Perfect Niche Software Announces Warpstock Exhibit.
  • 06/15/98
    Centar Computers has issued a Warpstock 98 press release
    The Software Development Group has issued a press release regarding Warpstock 98.
  • 06/09/98
    Warpstock 98 announcement mailing list is now available.
  • 06/08/98
    VOICE has released a press release regarding Warpstock 98.
  • 06/06/98
    The Software Development Group has been added to the Vendors page.
  • 06/05/98
    Armin Schwarz, Hethmon Brothers, Perfect Niche Software, Sundial Systems Corporation, WarpSpeed Computers, and VOICE have all been added to the Vendors Attending page.
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