Warpstock 98 attendee survey results - page 2
This survey was taken from a poll of the people attending the 1998 show. The results were compiled in November from the list of 91 people responding. They are posted here with a great deal of gratitude to Esther Schindler who did all the work.

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Question 11: Did you bring your family with you to Warpstock?
	A- Yes							17.05%
	B- No							82.95%
Question 12: If Yes, how could Warpstock have improved the experience for them?
	Activities for wives/spouses and children

	Had I had more notice, I would liked to have brought spouse.

	I don't know. But they had fun in the pool and at the near by shopping mall.
	More "how to" classes, was glad to be able to have my son be a part of it.

	My dad took me.

	I liked it the way it was except that you needed more software
	venders to attend.

	My husband attended Warpstock too.

	Nothing needed.

	Organized spouse/family events

	Select a location that offers other things to do. I believe that if
	Warpstock98 had been held in downtown Chicago (albeit I 
	believe they did a damn good job considering the original 
	location fell through) this wouldn't be an issue.  I only brought 
	my wife, but since she's not at all interested in OS/2 I ended 
	up having to miss a few things to keep her company on 

	She had a good time ... it was fine for her.

	Spouse also attended Warpstock
Question 13: Are you interested in receiving information sent to you, via email, from OS/2-related vendors?
	A- No							32.22%
	B- Yes							67.78%
Question 14:How satisfied were you with the cost of the hotel accommodations ($99/night)?
	A- Way too expensive					04.44%
	B- Somewhat expensive					35.56%
	C- Cost was just right					38.89%
	D- Not luxurious enough					01.11%
	E- I didn't stay at the hotel				20.00%
Question 16:If very dissatisfied, why?
	The food service was terrible. At times the only place to 
	get a cup of coffee between sessions was in the lounge.
	They don't focus on coffee quality. 
	The food available in the lounge was not becoming of the
	hotel's 4 star rating. As well there wasn't a convenient place to just
	linger with other people. At Diamond Bar we had the communal 
	coffee pot, the tables outside, the curb outside etc.

	Actual rooms were not marked and sound was poor

	Actually, I am just dissatisfied given the costs, but I would like to
	comment. 1) Service at the deli was too slow due to their poor
	organization.  I had hoped to get a sandwich between seminars
	and instead got stuck in line.  For the cost of the food and the 
	so-so quality, they could have had a better organized staff.  
	2) I don't know if Wyndham could have placed the seminar, 
	meeting, and exhibit hall closer together, but keeping the rooms 
	closer together would have been helpful.  3) Fix the leaking roof. 
	But the idea of being able to do everything in the hotel was a great 
	one -- the hotel just didn't succeed.

	But could be better. To far to Vendor room. Leaking roof. Had 
	to watch out for water on slippery floor.

	Inadequate food service

	Limited food options, and they were very costly

	They were run down, had no A/V support and were scrambling 
	to get setup rather than to present. The facilities leaked and were
	a shock.

	We were treated like second class citizens
Question 17: How satisfied were you with the volunteer management?
	A- Very satisfied					45.98%
	B- Satisfied						48.28%
	C- Dissatisfied						03.45%
	D- Very dissatisfied					02.30%
Question 18: If very dissatisfied, why?
	I was satisfied, although there is certainly room for improvement
	in the area of overall organization. :-)
	Lack of organization, handed off to too many people along the way.
	Opportunities to volunteer were not well enough defined or advertised.

	Totally unorganized	

	Unlike Warpstock 97, I didn't have anyone to help me prep for my
	presentation. I did not have anyone to ensure the meeting room had PC
	projection available; I had to spend $75 at the Marriott to copy my paper
	onto transparencies.  :(

	Unprofessional appearance, very small event - more attendance and 
	displays were expected, lost our registration
Question 19: How satisfied were you with the communication with the Warpstock organizing team?
	A- Very satisfied					25.00%
	B- Satisfied						62.50%
	C- Dissatisfied						11.36%
	D- Very dissatisfied					01.14%
Question 20: If very dissatisfied, why?
	Couldn't get schedule far enough in advance. Wanted, at a minimum 
	to know beginning and ending times to make advance airline reservations.
	Really wanted to know the various beginning times: first talk/presentation
	AND first unscheduled event (the dinner/networking Fri evening)

	I tried to get in touch to get some help for prepping for my presentation, but 
	nobody was available to help me

	No one had their act together and established rules/procedures were

	Personally, I had no problem, but I feel the "schism" was
	caused by a miscommunication over responsibility

	Seeing that most exhibits were manned by one person. I would like 
	to see a short lunch break where the room is closed.
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