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Events at Warpstock 98

While we work on the schedule, take a peek at just a few of the presentations that have already been confirmed. From now on, this page will be updated frequently.

DISPLAYS: ISVs and Software Developers will have the opportunity to display their wares at booths set up in one of the reserved conference room. Check this page to see which vendors and developers will be there.
DEMONSTRATIONS: People Attending Warpstock 98 can observe OS/2 software in action during different schedule software demonstrations. Check this page to see what software will be demoed.
PRESENTATIONS: Learn how to better use OS/2's power and flexibility. Hear developers talk about the rewards (and pains) of developing for OS/2. Here are some of the presentations being scheduled for Warpstock 98.
SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: The Schedule of Events has been updated and can now be viewed.   See what presentations and software demos are going to be held, as well as what time and where you will find them.

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